Date: 21-05-2023

The New Generation Infrastructure Building Mechanism

Point cloud BIM Modelling services in UAE is a technique that uses the right tools to efficiently plan, design, build, and manage infrastructure and structures. With BIM consulting and outsourcing services in Dubai.

Date: 23-04-2023

Install the latest Dahua CCTV systems and other accessories to strengthen the security

CCTV surveillance has become a necessity in domestic and commercial properties. If you are looking for a sophisticated video surveillance system, then purchase branded products because high-standard products are reliable.

Date: 28-03-2023

Traditional working methods provide challenges for the sector

Traditional project execution techniques have failed the construction sector and also its clients due to a lack of trust in shared data and wrong estimates of how to reduce risk and responsibility. However, the current approach

Date: 23-02-2023

Building Information Modelling

However, there is considerable misunderstanding and contradictory messages regarding what it is and how it will influence the structural engineering profession. Even the term raises dispute: 'Building Information Modelling' or 'Building

Date: 18-01-2023

How does a project benefit from the BIM consultancy services?

BIM is transforming the construction industry. The development of newer technologies, capacity to showcase results in computerized 3D data models is a big achievement of science.

Date: 31-12-2022

The growing importance and need of BIM in the construction industry

The construction industry is rapidly growing because construction and architecture firms are benefiting from building information modeling companies in UAE.

Date: 06-10-2022

Why You Should Use Building Information Modelling in Your Business

Starting in the construction industry, you may not be aware of the many benefits of using building information modeling. This technology lets you quickly and accurately design complex buildings

Date: 22-09-2022

Install the new-generation CCTV surveillance system to get extra security

Video surveillance systems are in great demand because the latest models are equipped with cutting edge features. Most people who are concerned about security and safety have started turning towards

Date: 22-08-2022

Learn everything about SIRA Certification for CCTV System

Many companies in UAE offer perfect services for CTTV installation but they must offer only SIRA-certified CCTV Systems. Security Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is a regulatory authority established

Date: 19-08-2022

Importance of Video Surveillance System

A strong security and surveillance system is paramount to the protection of property against intrusions, theft, unwelcome traffic, and so on. In this modern age, technology has helped commercial units in a great way to update their

Date: 20-07-2022

Your checklist for buying a CCTV camera

Closed-circuit television CCTV is a contemporary set up of security cameras installed in a building or property that are all linked to a single checking system. Strategically Installed security cameras are used in residential complexes

Date: 11-07-2022

Access Control Options for Your Home or Business

Your small business in the UAE was founded on your dreams, your hard work, and, more than certainly, your hard-earned income. It absolutely makes sense to protect all dimensions of your company, including the facility, the supplies

Date: 17-06-2022

Enhanced capability of the new-generation surveillance camera systems

It is a tough challenge to monitor small and medium-sized property, especially during the night. Most sophisticated cameras can operate during day and night times. The new generation cameras can easily operate in poor lighting conditions.

Date: 13-06-2022

The importance of periodic maintenance after installing CCTV camera

CCTV surveillance systems are installed in premises to safeguard the assets and ensure safety of the occupants. All types of mechanical, electrical and electronic devices require periodic check-up and maintenance. Surveillance systems play a key

Date: 25-05-2022

Protect your CCTV camera from the threat of hacking

These days almost all the commercial organizations are upgrading their security arrangements. CCTV surveillance adds an extra layer of security, but loopholes are always present. There are many people who have malicious intent, and they are a threat to commercial

Date: 19-05-2022

The requirement of smart CCTV systems in parking areas and logistics parks

Some vehicle parking areas and logistics parks have the ability to accommodate thousands of vehicles. For the management, it becomes a challenge to monitor the entire traffic. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the record of all incoming vehicles.

Date: 22-04-2022

Installing CCTV surveillance in official premises

This is a very interesting thing about technology that newer equipment, systems come with advanced features. The newer models of CCTV systems are easy to install, and they offer better features. The latest CCTV surveillance systems have sufficient memory and footage of several months can be stored.

Date: 18-04-2022

CCTV surveillance in managing giant facilities

It is a top priority for any venue to ensure the complete safety of the visitors. Giant facilities are not only huge but often flocked with visitors and guests. Ensuring safety is a prime challenge. Thanks to the advancement of technology, security video management has become easy. Some companies help

Date: 15-03-2022

Benefits of SIRA approved Company in Dubai

When it comes to security, there is no point in leaving loopholes. The ultimate purpose of installing CCTV cameras is to improve the security of the vicinity to make sure there are no threats or unwanted intrusions. The authorities in UAE also felt the need for the presence of a flawless security

Date: 09-03-2022

5 Reasons for a strong Surveillance System at Workplace

As a business owner, the responsibility lies with you to ensure that your workers and investment are always safe from looters and plunders. The security measures are easy in the daytime in crowded places however at odd times, it becomes important to go an extra

Date: 05-02-2022

Follow the SIRA guidelines and install the latest Hikvision CCTV cameras

The administration and regulatory authorities in Dubai are very serious about the aspect of security. The authorities in UAE have also created an independent agency to ensure the society is secure. SIRA, which stands for Security Industry Regulatory Agency, aims

Date: 27-01-2022

Appoint the best CCTV camera installation service to boost security

Electronic surveillance is vastly superior in comparison to manual security arrangements. There are many loopholes in manual security arrangements. Some of them are fatigue, negligence, human error, etc. CCTV cameras are the best equipment to monitor

Date: 05-01-2022

Discover the true potential and usefulness of video surveillance systems

The advancement in technology is certainly the human race because progress allows us to check threats and challenges in a better way. The new-generation security solutions are not only innovative, but also promising and affordable for the pocket.

Date: 29-12-2021

Clear the technical aspects before installing

In the last few years, more and more people have started installing advanced CCTV surveillance systems includes Samsung Hanhwa wisenet , Dahua and HIKVISION in their premises to raise the level of safety as per SIRA guideline in Dubai. Now, it is very common to see these

Date: 05-12-2021

Essential features that you should check in CCTV surveillance systems

CCTV surveillance in UAE is the best solution for modern security challenges. Whether it is your home or office, you should install the latest CCTV camera for effective monitoring. The technology associated with CCTV surveillance systems has changed

Date: 11-11-2021

The strategic importance of Dubai CCTV surveillance systems in crime prevention

Your commercial and residential property is always a soft target for the anti-social elements. You must take sufficient and necessary preventive measures to protect your property. Many commercial and residential premises are guarded by security guards.

Date: 30-10-2021

Installation of digital CCTV systems- A concrete step in boosting the overall security

Whether it is home or office, installing the latest video surveillance systems has become a necessity. A small investment is required for installing the latest video surveillance systems, but the benefits offered by such steps are immense.

Date: 21-10-2021

CCTV Camera Surveillance System Installation Tips For An Optimum Coverage And Best Results

There were times when Dubai had CCTV surveillance cameras on very high-security buildings and installations. However, as the technology evolved and became more affordable, CCTV systems were found everywhere, from banks and over the checkout counters of retail establishments.

Date: 20-10-2021

Mistakes to be avoided while installing the latest CCTV Surveillance Systems

It is a good decision if you have decided to install security cameras in your commercial or residential premises. After installing electronic surveillance solutions, it becomes easy to monitor a property even from a remote location.

Date: 17-10-2021

SIRA Approved CCTV Companies In Dubai

SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) is a government body responsible for managing the security industry in Dubai, UAE. Dubai government created SIRA in 2016 to work as an independent agency. Before SIRA, the Department of Protective Systems (DPS) of Dubai Police managed this responsibility.

Date: 27-09-2021

Structural Bim Consultants In Dubai

Our team of structural engineers here understand and calculate the overall details that are required to build structures for buildings and non-building structures. The calculation here is based on the stability, its strength, load, and rigidity. We at Al-Khoory Solutions has one of the best-in-house teams of structural engineers that works closely with the clients

Date: 21-09-2021

Tips For An Effective Cctv Surveillance Camera System Installation In Dubai

CCTV surveillance cameras in Dubai. Once seen only at banks and over the checkout desks of retail stores, now you see them everywhere — at Petrol stations, Hotels, restaurants, traffic intersections, mini-storages and almost every business and location one can imagine. Over the course of their proliferation

Date: 19-09-2021

What Is Rebar Detailing?

Rebar detailing aka Rebar shop drawings are done by structural engineers. It includes all the detailed information about materials, dimensions, quantities, construction methods that make the planning and construction phase efficient. Al Khoory Solutions located in Dubai, UAE, is a global outsourcing company providing rebar detailing services to clients

Date: 09-09-2021

The Importance of BIM in Modern Projects

As new technologies are appearing, the construction firm, building contractors, real estate companies and others are happily embracing them. The demand for Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software has also gone up. It is being used in various high-end projects.The method in which designers work has transformed drastically.

Date: 29-08-2021

Upgrade the Level of Safety in by Installing the Latest Barriers and Surveillance Systems

With the passage of time, it becomes necessary for us to install the latest surveillance systems. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, smart and intelligent systems are accessible to us. To deal with the security threats in a much better way, we need to install the latest

Date: 16-08-2021

Install State-of-the-Art Security Solutions to Neutralize External Threats

The advancement of technology is a boon for the security industry. Earlier, ensuring the safety of the premises was a big challenge, but now there are several options that can effectively meet your security needs.The security industry is rolling out several new options.

Date: 23-07-2021

Rely on Trustworthy SIRA CCTV Installer to Secure your Commercial Establishment

Commercial organizations, hotels, offices and others must draw a clear outline of security policy so as to make their premises safe for others.Taking precautionary and preventive measures also keeps us safe.of the best methods that helps in crime prevention

Date: 07-07-2021

Important Information about SIRA Approved CCTV Systems

Important Information about SIRA Approved CCTV Systems The authorities in Dubai are concerned about the safety and security of residents. The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) is established with the aim of providing highest class security with the help of sophisticated security devices and services.

Date: 16-06-2021

Important Aspects to consider while Installing the Latest CCTV System in Dubai

Security is a major concern for property owners. So, tech savvy people are turning towards options like CCTV. Just identify the areas that must be covered by modern surveillance systems. Pinpoint any such sections or specific areas where close attention is necessary.

Date: 13-06-2021

Important Tips Regarding Maintenance of CCTV Systems

CCTV is the best surveillance system that can keep your premises fully secure. These cameras can be placed at the most suitable spots in the premises. It becomes easy to keep a tab on all activities. It can be said that this system is a digital eye that strengthens the level of safety.

Date: 20-05-2021

Know some important points that help you to maintain CCTV Camera

In this fast growing world people who are succeeding, they are accomplishing the goals in a fast pace. Sometimes the short notice success becomes peril for the achievers so the CCTV technology was introduced that has helped in security of residential,commercial and industrial domains.

Date: 09-05-2021

CCTV Camera Systems - Helping in Protection of Premises

The CCTV systems installed in the premises are thoroughly tested. In the modern time CCTV systems installed at private apartments, governmental buildings, offices, industrial premises, etc.In the twenty-first century, better resources are available for the purpose of safety, security and surveillance.

Date: 30-03-2021

Suppress Security Threats by Installing the Latest CCTV Systems

In the current time, security is a major concern. Most businesspersons and property owners know that compromising with safety and security is inviting risk. Manual guards are appointed for the purpose of ensuring security, but what the premises require is a pair of digital eyes.