Your checklist for buying a CCTV camera

Your checklist for buying a CCTV camera

Closed-circuit television CCTV is a contemporary set up of security cameras installed in a building or property that are all linked to a single checking system. Strategically Installed security cameras are used in residential complexes, offices, and government or public facilities to see events as they happen and record footage for later review (or in real-time). Applications of CCTV technology can be found in many different fields, such as business intelligence, home safety, crime monitoring, crisis response, city surveillance, traffic monitoring, behavioral research, retail intelligence, and many more.

The past decade has seen significant advancements in CCTV cameras. it can be intimidating to browse through the newest CCTV technology, features, and CCTV security camera types. Consulting an expert like Alkhoory Solutions, one of the leading Security & Surveillance Company Dubai, will ease the trouble of purchasing the best system for your facility. Apart from this you also need to have a basic understanding of what to look for before selecting the best CCTV camera for your house or business. Read this article to get a basic understanding of the features to look for in your CCTV purchase.

Knowing What to Cover

You must choose whether to install the cameras inside or outside. Before making a purchase, be sure the camera can withstand cold temperatures and bad weather conditions even though the majority of cameras are made to be used both indoors and outside.

Does the DVR rely on a separate internal storage unit or has an SD card port built in? Nowadays, many CCTV cameras are CCTV systems on their own thanks to advancements in CCTV technology. They include a slot for a micro SD card. Memory cards of different capacities, such as 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB, can be inserted by users for recording. However, there are also less expensive cameras that rely on the DVR's surveillance hard disc and lack internal storage.


Modern CCTV cameras have the ability to spin both vertically and horizontally to cover a wide area around them. The maximum horizontal and vertical angles that a CCTV camera can spin are referred to as Pan and Tilt, respectively. The best-known CCTV cameras have pan and tilt ranges of up to 355 degrees and 90 degrees, respectively. Some CCTV cameras' apps allow for remote rotation. Therefore, a CCTV camera with a higher pan/tilt is necessary if you wish to monitor a sizable area of three-dimensional space.

Infra-Red LEDs in the Camera

Small lights called infra-red LEDs are positioned in the center and on the sides of the lens. For night vision, these emit infrared light. The quality of nighttime recordings will depend upon the number of LEDs.

The camera's maximum field of view

The effective range or range of a CCTV camera depends on the size of the image sensor and the focal length of the lens. The farther the range, the more clearly the distant objects will be captured. For outdoor CCTV cameras, a longer range is necessary. A CCTV camera should have a minimum range of 20 to 25 meters.

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