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Scan to BIM Services in Dubai – UAE

In the global AEC industry, Alkhoory Solutions is a leading provider of Scan to BIM Services in Dubai - UAE. We establish BIM standards and define BIM for the benefit of architects and engineers, as well as builders and general contractors. We meet client’s project needs with tailored and customized solutions for retail, industrial, residential, and commercial projects. Falcon has demonstrated a consistent combination of accuracy, affordability, and timeliness in all of its project endeavors.

Scan to BIM Services in Dubai - UAE has proven to be a boon to the AEC industry, and it is now widely used to improve the BIM process and produce excellent results. As a world-renowned and eminent BIM service provider, Alkhoory Solutions pioneers in providing expert Scan-to-BIM services to a diverse range of clients, including architects, construction companies, Building information modeling, retailers, property owners, surveyors, contractors, MEP engineering firms, laser scanning companies, and heritage preservation departments. Over the last decade, we have successfully completed a number of projects for our clients around the world, all of which have yielded reliable results and a quick turnaround time.

We have a lot of experience converting point cloud data to BIM platforms like Revit and other BIM software. We create an accurate As-Built Information Model of the pipes, walls, slabs, roof planes, facade, and landscapes in and around the building. We've worked on LOD 300 to LOD 500 models for architectural elements, mechanical, structural, electrical, and firefighting elements, and structural elements, as well as integrated models. Scan to BIM is a process that captures the as-built environment using 3D laser scanning technology.

Benefits of Scan to BIM Services

Scan to BIM's main advantage is the ability to analyze the differences between point cloud and model geometry by creating native. BIM Modeling Service is a market leader in standard strategic business projects, providing end-to-end solutions in BIM Modeling, Digital Twin, Generative Design, BIM Automation, BIM Implementation, BIM Execution, and BIM Integration to maximize customer efficiency. Some of our specialties include structural BIM, MEP BIM, architectural BIM, rendering and walkthrough, and Revit Family Creation. The benefits of using 3D survey models over traditional 2D CAD drawings are well documented, with key differences including the fact that the Revit model is a complete 3D replica of your building or site and that all elements within the model contain intelligent data, rather than just 2D linework.

We would typically use 3D laser scanning to capture all of your site's features, with the registered point cloud file being used to create the Revit model. In addition to the building, we can provide a topographical survey of our site in a Revit model, displaying all features and ground surface. This can also include the facades of surrounding buildings for site context and rights of light analysis.