The requirement of smart CCTV systems in parking areas and logistics parks

Some vehicle parking areas and logistics parks have the ability to accommodate thousands of vehicles. For the management, it becomes a challenge to monitor the entire traffic. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the record of all incoming vehicles. The smart, forward-thinking companies have started embracing the latest technology so as to bring efficiency in their work

The rules are very strict in the United Arab Emirates that have kept the crime rate under control. Still, it is necessary to install the best CCTV systems in logistics parks and parking garages. Many unfortunate incidents happen in car parking garages. If you are the owner of a commercial property with a parking space, just pay attention to security. Contact the experts of Hikvision CCTV Dubai suppliers like Al Khoory Solutions to get some suggestions about the best solutions. Also, proceed with the following steps to strengthen the level of safety:

  • Install the latest CCTV surveillance systems with advanced features
  • Add additional lighting arrangements to keep away the criminals
  • Do necessary fencing around the parking garage
  • Install emergency phones
  • Limit the landscaping so that criminals cannot hide behind the barriers

Parking space is generally present in shopping centers, apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. It is impossible to appoint guards everywhere. So, the trend of electronic surveillance is becoming popular.

The newer surveillance systems are designed to offer additional protection

The capacity of electronic gadgets, surveillance cameras is also being enhanced. You can watch the live feed of events directly on your tablet and smartphone. The newer, sophisticated models of security cameras easily connect with the Internet. Moreover, it is easy to record the data directly into the cloud. Many intruders, anti-social elements, criminals, burglars and thieves drop their plan because video footage is deemed very strong evidence. So, criminal-minded people prefer escaping. The newer CCTV surveillance camera systems perform flawlessly even in dim light. There are specialized long-range video cameras that can even capture details printed on a license plate. Such surveillance systems have greater ability to magnify. If necessary, it is possible to zoom the camera on a specific point.

The latest surveillance camera systems even have in-built sensors. Consult with technical experts and share your preference. The noted Dahua CCTV Dubai suppliers can easily meet your needs. By installing CCTV in a logistics park or parking lot, it is easy to resolve legal disputes. The footage recorded in memory acts as evidence in a court of law. Moreover, such assets help to protect employees, customers and property.

The modern CCTV systems have become the eyes and ears of the commercial establishment. The newer systems are more capable and their performance is not compromised during inclement weather. In logistics parks and parking areas, there is intense rush as numerous vehicles are parked. So, it is safer and easier to take care of the parking management with the help of CCTV systems.