In the construction process it is crucial that there is a clear view of the existing space or room. Besides that, revision is easier when there is a clear model of the existing situation. Al Khoory Solutions makes this possible with the use of a Point cloud. In a Point cloud, rooms and objects are precisely displayed, using measurements that are done with a lasers canner. In this way a geometric representation that corresponds with reality can be created, to depict what the current situation looks like.

A Point cloud is a dataset that depicts an object or a room. Objects and rooms can be depicted with the use of measurement points. Each measurement point contains an X, Y and Z coordinate and with these reference points multiple measurements can be positioned together. In this way a three-dimensional matrix, which contains all the rooms in your building, is created. The point cloud is then used to put all these rooms together in one dataset. The rooms are now defined by their measurements. It is even possible to project a color picture onto these measurements, in order to make the display of your objects and spaces even clearer. In this way, Al Khoory Solutions uses the Point cloud to create a clear view of your object and rooms.

Scan To BIM
Laser Sacn

Laser scanner

A Point cloud is made with a lasers canner. This laser scanner can measure a million points with an accuracy of a few millimeters at a distance of 100 meters. The laser scanner is positioned in a room, in order to create an angle of 360 degrees radial and 300 degrees axial to measure the space. The laser scanner can be put into different positions, so every part of the room is measured.

By positioning the laser scanner in different places the entire building can be scanned. By creating enough overlap the different scans can be put together. When overlapping the rooms is not possible we can also use objects as referential points, so we can still link the rooms together. This is made possible by our software that is capable of recognizing objects and positioning rooms according to them.

From Point-cloud to BIM-model

Using the method above, eventually the Point cloud contains a million measurement points of objects and buildings. These can be used to depict a clear view of the existing situation. An example of use is when a monumental building needs renovation. If there are no drawings available for the current situation or when these drawings are not accurate enough, the point cloud helps identifying and adding the missing pieces. This geometric depiction of reality can serve as an addition to already existing pieces or as a replacement of the old ones. A Point cloud could also be used for projects that are already finished, to evaluate the results and to make revision easier.

If desired, a Point cloud can be translated into a BIM-model. All architectural and constructive elements are measured, so an extremely precise model can be produced. The BIM-model offers the opportunity to correct any possible noise. When this is filtered away the error margin of the engineering and coordinating is reduced and the BIM-model helps guarantee the accurateness of the implementation. The model can now serve as a fundamental component in the engineering and coordinating process.

A Point cloud thus offers the possibility to depict rooms and objects clearly, by putting the measurements together in one dataset. This creates the possibility to identify rooms and objects using their measurements. A Point cloud is made with a lasers canner that can perform extremely accurate measurements. In this way, a geometrical image of the existing situation is created, to map new rooms and objects clearly.
Do you want to know how many measurements your space or building needs? Or do you want to know how we translate the Point-cloud into a BIM-model? Fill in the contact form and we will get in touch as soon as we can!