Know some important points that help you to maintain CCTV Camera

In this fast growing world people who are succeeding, they are accomplishing the goals in a fast pace. Sometimes the short notice success becomes peril for the achievers so the CCTV technology was introduced that has helped in security of residential, commercial and industrial domains. But after the CCTV or closed circuit television camera is installed then the owners are left with one question in mind and that is,what is the life span of a CCTV camera to work? Get more Information from a CCTV Integrator Dubai a SIRA Approved or SIRA Installation company famous.

How long a CCTV camera works ?

If you have got installed a DVR that is of four cameras or eight cameras then you must be thinking that how long this set up is going to function. In fact there is no parameter to judge that how long a CCTV will work, but some measures if taken related to the maintenance of CCTV cameras then it can guarantee you the certainty of prolong function.

The maintenance guarantees that the entire security set up will not get damaged soon and will function flawlessly for long. Some of the measures related to maintenance are discussed below further in this article.

Selection of wire

If you are about get CCTV cameras installed them you need to choose wire seriously. These wires are coaxial wires also famous RJ 59 or RJ 6 because these wires are compatible for your camera or DVR as well.

Technology is superior to manual capabilities

If you are unable to use coaxial wire then you are left with an option of 3 + 1 wire, but it should be made up of copper.You have not to use strictly the generic 3 + 1 wiresbecause branded wires will increase the life of your CCTV cameras and DVR.The generic wire because of its poor quality demands extra effort from camera to relay the information to the DVR and this how the exertion of camera will diminish its life.

The CCTV camera wire network should not be with the electric wiring system

When the current flows through the electric wire it creates the magnetic fieldso the CCTV wire network should not be with the electrical wire network because it may disturb the information relay between camera to DVR and this may damage the CCTV system soon. Call a SIRA Installation Company!

Power Consumption

One need to pay attention on the total power consumption in amperesin order to choose the power extension. You can trust a SIRA Approved Company or Dubai police CCTV Company that work as a Security industry Regulatory Authority installer along with the services like CCTV Integrator Dubai, Structure cabling Installation, and Smart TV Installation.