Enhanced capability of the new-generation surveillance camera systems

Enhanced capability of the new-generation surveillance camera systems

It is a tough challenge to monitor small and medium-sized property, especially during the night. Most sophisticated cameras can operate during day and night times. The new generation cameras can easily operate in poor lighting conditions. The modern camera sets continue to provide colored images till the lighting levels are normal, but they immediately switch to black and white when the lighting condition deteriorates.

Capacity to retain color images despite darkness

During the night time, the natural light is unavailable, and the camera systems have to struggle to provide color images. The camera systems also struggle to deliver colored images whenever there is a wide dynamic range. Consult with the experts of a SIRA approved company such as Al Khoory Solutions and improve the level of safety.

Install camera systems with low-light functionality

More and more customers have identified the impressive capacity of low-light cameras. Subsequently, they are in huge demand. For a layman, it is impossible to become aware of the technical factors. Consider installing a dual-lens camera. One lens captures the lightness and the second lens captures the color information. The dual lens camera systems have pixel-level frame-by-frame mapping. Consult with the experts of a leading Hikvision CCTV Dubai supplier to get the best surveillance systems.

Low-light camera brings down the light pollution

They are capable of capturing high-definition images as well as vivid colors even if supplementary white light is unavailable. With the help of such camera systems, you can reduce the light pollution. The presence of artificial light in complete darkness attracts the attention of many insects that adversely affects the monitoring. Hence, the manufactures are installing new intelligent features in their next generation camera. Such smart and advanced camera systems are in existence that they automatically sense the presence of human beings. The smart cameras can easily switch between the IR mode and the white light mode. In such cameras there is default illumination through a built-in IR illuminator. When a person enters the monitoring area, the white light activates, and the full-color mode starts functioning. After the departure of the target, the LED lights are turned off, and the IR illuminator turns back on. Such systems are playing a pivotal role in reducing light pollution.

Automatic tracking is the future

Innovative features such as automatic tracking are boosting the level of safety. Now, the advanced systems can follow and automatically track the target that is within the field of view. There were some challenges in night-time monitoring, but thanks to technological innovations they have been alleviated. Color monitoring is possible even in low-light conditions. You can easily capture enhanced images. Now, you will not struggle with poor, unusable images. Such surveillance systems are suitable for places like parking lots, retail shops and villas. Collect more technical details from the experts of security & surveillance company Dubai. Make your premises secure in darkness with the help of advanced surveillance solutions