The importance of periodic maintenance after installing CCTV camera

The importance of periodic maintenance after installing CCTV camera

CCTV surveillance systems are installed in premises to safeguard the assets and ensure safety of the occupants. All types of mechanical, electrical and electronic devices require periodic check-up and maintenance. Surveillance systems play a key role in ensuring the safety of the assets. You must approach a SIRA approved company like Al Khoory Solutions for installing the surveillance systems. After the installation of the camera, regular maintenance is also very necessary.

Let us become aware of how the annual maintenance contracts can keep your camera in proper working conditions:

The lens of the camera should be properly cleaned because only then can it capture crystal clear images and record the videos in a flawless manner. Surveillance systems play a key role in strengthening the security of the premises. The dust and humidity that is present on the lens can form a thin layer. This can block the view and blur the images. The recording capacity of the surveillance system might get compromised. Ask the technician who is part of the AMC (annual maintenance contract) team to look after the issue.

Most of the CCTV systems are mounted on a wall, and there is a possibility that with the passage of time, screws and other systems holding the camera might get loose. It must be ensured that the surveillance systems, and its wiring are getting proper support.

Inclement weather conditions, activities of birds and other creatures can disturb the setting of the surveillance camera. You can restore the original capacity of the camera system when the fault is detected during the annual maintenance. Ensure that the camera is placed in the best position so that all the images are properly captured. Approach a Hikvision CCTV Dubai supplier to get the best surveillance system.

Inspecting the cabling structure of the CCTV systems on a periodic interval is very necessary. The damaged, broken or hanging wires must be changed. The damaged wire should be insulated or changed. If such issues are identified during regular maintenance, resolve them at the earliest.

Check the condition of the control room because it helps to restrict the entry of outsiders in the premises. The control room plays a vital role because the operators can watch the live feed obtained from multiple camera sets. So, the technical inspection team must check the condition of the control room as well. If the images or videos obtained from a specific camera are unclear, this indicates a technical problem.

During the annual maintenance, it is easy for the technician to determine the condition of the camera, its lens, internal part, and wiring system. The technician examines whether or not the camera can zoom? Can it cover the entire premises? If one or more parts are damaged, then the experts of security & surveillance company Dubai can fix the issue. Keep your surveillance equipment in the best possible condition, and it will strengthen the safety of your premises.

CCTV camera systems keep the premises safe from unauthorized intrusion of anti-social elements.