Learn everything about SIRA Certification for CCTV System

Learn everything about SIRA Certification for CCTV System

Many companies in UAE offer perfect services for CTTV installation but they must offer only SIRA-certified CCTV Systems. Security Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is a regulatory authority established in 2016 in Dubai. It is launched by the authorities with the sole aim to ensure the highest level of safety and best practices in security systems across Dubai. It has laid down specific guidelines to help engineers to install CCTV in different types of buildings in the UAE. All property owners in Dubai are required to meet the requirement set by SIRA and hire SIRA Approved Engineer to install CCTV systems. These guidelines include yearly audits, certification, upgrades, and maintenance of the CCTV system in routine to ensure that the system is well in place and capable of doing the job it is supposed to do. In case of failure to meet the guideline, authorities have the right to impose a fine on the installers. Since Dubai is a hub of many businesses and many people from all over the world living in it, it is common to see property owners ignoring the basic safety guidelines in commercial buildings. To ensure that the inhibitors of the building are safe and enjoy a comprehensive safety and security system, SIRA bounds all the property owners to ensure an effective CCTV system in place that is not only fixed at the proper location but is also working perfectly.

The need for CCTV Installation Certification!

SIRA certification is proof that the CCTV system installed in a building is reliable and works in mint conditions. It ensures that the system is up-to-date and equipped with the latest technology as regularized by SIRA. Many property owners tend to dodge the authorities by installing cheap CCTV systems just to fulfill the requirement and avoid spending money on a robust surveillance and security system. However, having the CCTV Certificate by SIRA brings more credibility to the property and shows the commitment on part of the management to ensure safety according to the standards set by the SIRA in Dubai.

How to get SIRA CCTV Certification?

The process to get a SIRA CCTV certificate is simple and carried out using the online portal of the authority. All you have to do is to upload the relevant documents including the CCTV Site inspection report, AMC, quotations from vendors, and other such papers. The authority provides one month to make changes or submissions to ensure that the request is made with a complete and authentic set of documents. To avoid glitches and delays, it is advised to get the help of a reliable and experienced Security Industry Regulatory Authority installer such as Al Khooray. To know more about SIRA CCTV Certification, reach out to us at Al Khoory – a leading SIRA Certified CCTV vendor in Dubai.