What Is Rebar Detailing?

What Is Rebar Detailing?<

Rebar detailing aka Rebar shop drawings are done by structural engineers. It includes all the detailed information about materials, dimensions, quantities, construction methods that make the planning and construction phase efficient.

Al Khoory Solutions located in Dubai, UAE, is a global outsourcing company providing rebar detailing services to clients around the world. Al Khoory Solutions is experienced in dealing with the most complicated Rebar detailing and modeling projects.

We specialize in delivering reliable 3D modeling, detailing BIM outsourcing service for any construction project.

What Is Rebar Detailing?

Rebar detailing are necessary drawings before construction is carried out at the site. The right rebar detailing help keep your building safe and secure. In order to get the right drawings, engineers need to have high expertise and keep up to date with the latest technologies. So sometimes, you have to outsource experts in this field. Rebar Detailing is a set of drawings produced by the manufacturer, subcontractor, contractor, supplier and fabricator. We produce clear and hi-quality shop drawings collaboratively and discreetly. Our shop drawings service is coordinated with every expertise including architecture, engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fabrication.

How to Outsource Rebar Detailing?

Designing rebar detailing requires extensive experience, so some businesses or individuals choose to outsource BIM Outsource company in Dubai. Nowadays, with the development of technology, you can easily outsource BIM Consultancy Services.

BIM Consultants at Al Khoory Solutions in the market are always online ready to give you free advice at any time. Just send them your BIM requirements for the project, and they will send you back a detailed and highly accurate drawing.

Things to Keep In Mind When Outsourcing Rebar Detailing

There are many teams of engineers providing rebar detailing in the market, so you must consider carefully when deciding to outsource. If this is your first time outsourcing. Some of the following criteria may help you:

Al Khoory Solutions provide a comprehensive range of BIM services accompanied with top-notch quality and clear specification, can beneficial to our valuable clients in larger extent. We execute latest BIM Consultancy technology with accurate proficiency. In case of any emergency, our clients are free to contact us as our channels of communication are open all times. We analyze every economic BIM solution. Our clients can trust with their project, as we are insightful of their needs. The major benefit of working with us is that we offer a customized service with quick turnarounds.


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