SIRA Approved CCTV Companies In Dubai

Al-Khoory Solutions is a recognized Security Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA) company in Dubai that provides all kinds of security solutions and services. For example, installs SIRA Certified Access Control and CCTV systems across the UAE.

We are one of the leading SIRA approved companies in Dubai providing SIRA Certified Access Control and CCTV installation throughout UAE.

SIRA is the government regulatory agency overseeing the security industry in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Dubai government established SIRA in 2016 as an independent agency. Before SIRA, the Dubai Police Department of Protective Systems (DPS) was responsible for this task.

SIRA Approved Companies In Dubai

SIRA is a government organization tasked with organizing and assisting the security business in Dubai to attain the highest worldwide standards with the cooperation of the private security sector, safeguard society, and reduce crime in the Emirate of Dubai.

We are recognized Security Solutions Providers in Dubai from the list of CCTV companies in UAE; a leading CCTV solution provider from the top security companies in Dubai. We are duly registered with the SIRA of the Dubai Police Department for security solution services. Our technicians and engineers are highly qualified and SIRA recognized, and all of our projects adhere to the Dubai Police Security Solutions Guidelines.

SIRA has approved the following activities for Al Khoory Solutions:-

SIRA Certified CCTV Installers in Dubai

The Dubai government requires companies engaging in certain economic activity to install a monitoring system on their premises. Banks, money exchanges, jewelry stores, hotels, shopping malls, sports clubs, and SIM card reselleers are places where you can get a SIM card. Some establishments are also required to have an intrusion alarm system installed. All multi-tenant buildings and villa compounds must also have a CCTV system installed.

A new business that engages in any above activities will be denied a license unless it installs an electronic surveillance system. Only after a SIRA inspector has authorized the deployed surveillance system can SIRA issue its NOC for a new trade license. Similarly, the auditor's PASS report is a primary requisite for SIRA NOC for current trade license renewal.

We understand the CCTV installation needs for various businesses as a SIRA-approved CCTV company in Dubai. This information, combined with our CCTV installation experience, enables us to provide the best solution for our customers. As a result, our customers receive the SIRA NOC sooner than the majority of other companies. We maintain their confidence and goodwill due to our exceptional support, and we benefit from their devotion to us.

Al Khoory Solutions LLC assists you with CCTV installation in Dubai. We are among the emerging CCTV companies in Dubai, providing the equipment and installation services required to put this security measure in place according to your specifications. We are happy to be acknowledged as one of UAE's most reputable SIRA certified companies in Dubai. Al Khoory Solutions LLC is instantly recognizable as a reliable security equipment supplier, delivering high-quality security equipment for various security requirements. Our alternatives might be cost-effective and efficient for your needs because we provide a wide range of cameras and related types of equipment.

How to Obtain a SIRA NOC for a Trade License?

The Dubai government has mandated that all buildings have a video surveillance system installed. The filing of CCTV design drawings is now a requirement for new installations. The construction permit for a new building is not issued until the Dubai Municipality receives the CCTV design plans. The officials in charge of the municipality have strong restrictions in place. They only accept CCTV designs that a SIRA-approved consultant has stamped. Similarly, Dubai Municipality requires filing a SIRA NOC after completing the building to grant a Building Completion Certificate.

The following is a step-by-step procedure to obtaining a SIRA NOC:

  • 1. You choose a Security Service Provider that has been approved by the SIRA (Al Khoory Solutions LLC).
  • 2. A SIRA-approved Consultant provides CCTV design drawings to Al Khoory Solutions LLC.
  • 3. To obtain a Construction Permit, you submit these CCTV designs to the municipality.
  • 4. Al Khoory Solutions LLC installs, configures, and tests CCTV cameras and recorders.
  • 5. Al Khoory Solutions LLC creates your account on the SIRA portal and uploads details of the CCTV system.
  • 6. Al Khoory Solutions LLC installs the Video Guard system and verifies connection with the SIRA server.
  • 7. SIRA generates a certificate for connection verification and posts it on its website.
  • 8. Al Khoory Solutions LLC submits an audit inspection request.
  • 9. SIRA assigns an auditor to inspect and report on your CCTV installation.
  • 10. Once the auditor accepts the CCTV installation, Al Khoory Solutions LLC receives a NOC from SIRA.

Depending on the sort of business, the process differs slightly.

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