HIKVISION Analog Cameras in Dubai, UAE and SIRA Approved CCTV Brand in Dubai

Hikvision Analog Cameras

Analog cameras are traditionally used cameras in CCTV systems. Unlike digital cameras, it depends upon a cabling system to send videos to VCRs or DVRs. HK Vision is one of the tops of its class in making the best cameras. Its analog cameras are considered pocket-friendly and regarded as very easy to be installed at various places. The Hikvision Analog Cameras famous for their easy installation and usage. As a company, HikVision has a strong repute in the market for providing the latest security and surveillance solutions through the use of different appliances and devices. Its analog cameras are used at many small-scale places because they are efficient yet pocket friendly. Al Khoory has a range of HikVision products in its inventory and offers the complete and reliable installation of Hikvision Analog Cameras according to the requirements prescribed by the client.

As compared to digital cameras, Hikvision Analog cameras have lower quality however their performance in low-light conditions is far better. Analog cameras are an old way of a surveillance system with lower resolution. However, they are perfect for such conditions where the purpose of the surveillance is just to notice unexpected movement or intrusion. They are not helpful in zooming in to see the details. Analog cameras are ideal for such conditions where the users have budget constraints. They provide adequate surveillance to keep a sharp eye on the surroundings for safety purposes. Moreover, they are also ideal for relatively safer places where the chance of intrusion is minimum, or an alternative security system such as security guards are also deployed along with the surveillance system. HIKvision Analog Cameras provide decent resolution as compared to other analog cameras in the market. They are pocked friendly and can be installed easily. Al Khoory has a variety of analog cameras produced by Hikvision.