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Dahua NVR Dubai

Dauha Network Video Recorder, NVR, is the latest storage and forwarding part of the NVR surveillance system. They come in different models, video channel capacities, and physical sizes to be used for varying purposes. Due to the use of the latest technology, they have the best performance to offer along with the finest quality. NVR is designed to work with the support of network cameras for video recording and storage. It also has forwarding functions. Dahua NVR Dubai has many channels of NVR and is a very popular device.

Al Khoory Group provides the latest Dahua NVR system to a range of businesses and property owners in Dubai. It is a super-efficient way to protect your premises with an advanced system of surveillance equipped with many features. Its ability to record and store the videos for later use are beneficial in many ways. It also has a forwarding feature which is quite helpful in tracking the footage.

The different models of Dahua NVR Dubai are tailored to perform different tasks. Paired with Video encoders or networks cameras, NVR performs functions like video recording, forwarding functions, and storage. The model up to 256CH/unit with 4U size is used for high recording applications but without IP storage. The 4CH/unit small box recorders are commonly used for domestic applications or small businesses/shops. Al Khooray is leading the market by supplying different varieties of Dahua NVR Dubai. Due to its performance, and high resolution, Dahua NVR is the choice of many users in Dubai. They come in Dahua Ultra, Pro, and Lite series with varying features. Users can opt between the models as per their requirements. The devices are high performing and pocket friendly for users. If you are looking for a quality performing Dahua NVR, then call Al Khoory and choose the best device as per your requirement.