Axis NVR Dubai, Axis Securos VMS Server, ES-81V – 4 Port Video Guard, ES-51V – 8 Port Video Guard

Axis NVR Dubai

After installing the paraphernalia of Axis, you need a proper integration of networks. All the Axis cameras must be properly configured for seamless performance. The expert team of Al Khoory Solutions can help you with the installation part. There are so many features in the integrated AXIS recorder toolbox. It is easy to adjust the network settings and set up the hostname. You can count on our team for all types of settings. We sincerely believe that you should be in a position to adjust the settings without any hassle.

Axis camera integrator suite has everything that you require. There are certain tools required for design, installation and verification. As the leading Axis NVR Dubai, we provide all the required solutions to the customers.

We provide the flexibility that you truly deserve

You can easily customize the system storage. The Axis NVR Dubai is composed of industry-standard levels. You can always configure the system as per the performance requirements. The recorders can be used as standalone workstations. They are completely fit for server room installations as well as the office environment. You can also add extra hard disks to improve the storage capacity. All these solutions greatly expand the capacity of the system. You will not encounter any difficulty if the system is being expanded.

Our systems deliver high-performance and are reliable

You will not regret the decision to purchase the Axis NVR Dubai. We provide high-performance equipment. The processing of data is very fast due to the powerful CPU. As the operating system relies on a solid-state Drive (SSD), the system start-up is always fast. If there is any failure for any reason, the operating system is completely safe, and there is no loss of any data.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for Axis NVR Dubai suppliers. Al Khoory Solutions has a great reputation for resolving all the problems of the customers.