Customers who have existing CCTV systems are much than likely to have analog surveillance equipment. HDCVI technology is a beautiful alternative for clients that want to upgrade to High Definition systems. What exactly is Dahua HDCVI DVR (High Definition Composite Video Interface)? This technology enables high-resolution video signals (720p or 1080P) to be carried over existing coaxial cable. When compared to IP surveillance systems, HDCVI systems are less expensive. Because the vast majority of systems are analog, there is no need to replace the existing cabling system to migrate to HDCVI. DVRs allow the system to convert analog signals to digital signals, effectively bringing analog CCTV cameras into the digital age. DVR is typically used in the analog surveillance system to encode and storing of video. Dahua HDCVI DVR works as same as that of DVR.


Dahua has played a vital role in the advancement of modern surveillance technology. The company's in-house HDCVI technology has astounded the security sector. It allows high-definition video and audio signals to be transmitted over the same cable. The Dahua HDCVI DVR can record and preserve movies from both analog and HDCVI cameras. CCTV Dubai excels at providing the best in surveillance with Dahua security systems to various Dubai clients.

The advantages Dahua HDCVI provides include

  • Simplified maintenance
  • Easy to update
  • Composite video signal
  • Transmit HD over the coaxial cable.
  • There are several variations of the HDCVI DVR family, including 1080P Pro, 1080P Lite, and 720P. 1080P Pro:

    This Dahua HDCVI DVR series provides excellent performance for a variety of professional surveillance purposes. It has HDCVI/Analog Video input, 1080P real-time recording, 4 real-time channel playback, intelligent search, multi-brand network camera support, and advanced intelligence functions such as tripwire, intrusion, and face identification, among others. 1080P Lite:

    This Dahua HDCVI DVR series enables non-real-time recording in 1080P, multi-brand network cameras, multiple monitor networking, and dual-stream video compression, among other features. 720P:

    This series of DVRs support 720P recording and includes multi-brand camera support, multiple network monitoring, multiple channels synchronous playback, and intelligent search, among other things. These and other features make this product ideal for a variety of surveillance applications. Being a specialist in CCTV installation in Dubai, CCTV Dubai offers a wide range of surveillance systems for a variety of applications. We have been named the top CCTV Company in Dubai due to a lot of successful deliveries. Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain, and Ajman are among the popular markets of Dahua HDCVI DVR and Analog cameras. The CCTV security system is planned and installed entirely in accordance with the user's specifications and requirements.