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Grandstream NVR

Grandstream Network Video Recorder is a next-generation appliance providing high performance and high-capacity video recording. It is an all-in-one device to record and maintain the video obtained by IP cameras. Grandstream NVR is primarily responsible for managing storage, indexing events, and playback options for easy use. Al Khooray is one of the largest suppliers of enhanced equipment for surveillance systems and security systems. We deal with all stocks and a series of Grandstream products. Our inventory is laced with the latest products of Granstream cameras and NVRs. Grandstream NVR is the most-sought after appliance by many individuals and companies which are interested in maintaining a strong surveillance system in their homes, offices, or commercial places. The appliance, Grandstream NVR, is important to keep track of videos recorded by the CCTV cameras. It is helpful in retrieving the archived footage, playback important moments, and so on.

The network video recorders are favorite among many users because of their diverse features and capacity. The Grandstream NVR can accommodate up to 24 cameras (740 HD) or 14 cameras (1080 HD) at a time. All multi-cameras have simultaneous upload, zoom-in feature, a preview of all 24 cameras at the same time. The NVR has to offer customized rules either based on time, event, or manual. The storage system has been designed to resist power interruptions. In case of power failure, its automatic system allows the resumption of recording after the system boot up. It also has comprehensive security features such as access control, event alarm, and system logs. Moreover, the user-friendly interface allows searching various features such as based on time, date, day, etc. Al Khoory technical team is skilled to install Grandstream NVR anywhere as required by the user. They will also assist you in getting accustomed to the usage of the device and access control methods.