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Grandstream IP Cameras

Protect your environment with the latest Grandstream IP Cameras equipped with high resolution. The new series of IP cameras by Grandstream is very easy to set up, install and manage while offering a robust security system to keep the premises secured and protected. The GSC3600 series of security cameras by Grandstream features many distinctive features like high resolution and weather casings. Al Khoory is the leading supplier of Grandstream IP Cameras providing all its latest series to customers. We not only have the latest IP cameras by Granstream but we also offer the secure installation of these high-tech cameras in your preemies. Our team of experts will ensure to safely install the cameras as well as brief the customers with its usage descriptions. All you have to do is to call our team at Alkhoory and get an advanced security system installed in your building.

Grandstream IP Cameras has many distinctive features which makes them an ideal tool for security systems. These cameras come with a motion detector system that instantly notifies if there is some unexpected movement in the premises. The IP cameras are also laced with smart infrared technology which helps in optimizing white balance and exposure of the camera to different colors. The strong PoE system which has been built in the system to power supply the device and provides a strong network connection makes the device extremely useful to share information quickly. Moreover, since most of the CCTV cameras are installed in open vicinities, they are vulnerable to weather changes. The Grandstream IP Cameras are designed to be weatherproof so that they may function notwithstanding changes in weather. Al Khoory has all the stocks of IP cameras by Grandstream to ensure the provision of a strong surveillance and security system smoothly without a delay.