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Hikvision DVR Dubai

Hikvision DVRs have revolutionized the video surveillance world by integrating High Definition Transport Interface (HDTVI). DVR makes the use of hard disks to record and store videos and are also called hard disk recorders. Hikvision DVR Dubai performs functions like recording, remote monitoring, control of voice and image for a long period. It has five integrated functions i.e., video recording, image splitter, PTZ lens control, alarm control, and network transmission. They are not only helpful in replacing the devices in the analog system but are also budget friendly.

Alkhoory has been supplying all varieties of Hikvision DVR Dubai to many users. Our team at Al Khoory is well skilled to install the Hikvision DVR Dubai without glitches. We provide complete support along with maintenance checks to ensure that the surveillance system is running smoothly without errors whether it is installed at small businesses or large enterprises. In case of faults, our team of experts is just a call away to address the issues promptly.

Hikvision is leading the market by introducing highly efficient DVRs using deep learning algorithms using AcuSense technology to increase the efficiency of alarm system. The latest Hikvision DVR Dubai provides superior picture quality and other smart features that are hard to find on other devices. The DVRs are responsible for digitally encoding, decoding, compressing, and storing analog videos on hard disks. The DVRs are supposed to be installed closer to the analog cameras. There are many DVRs introduced by Hikvision with various features and capabilities such as Ultra, Pro, Value, AcuSense, and Special. You can find multiple useful features in all DVRs to upgrade and enhance your security surveillance system. The AcuSense series is the most popular one with distinctive features like the ability to distinguish between people and vehicles from other targets. The Special series is specifically designed for the banking sector to protect ATMs. Similarly, the Ulta series has the ability to store the data coming from as many as 32 analog cameras on the hard disk. Alkhoory is the supplier of all types of Hikvision DVR Dubai and has all the varieties in its stores.