Important Tips Regarding Maintenance of CCTV Systems

CCTV is the best surveillance system that can keep your premises fully secure. These cameras can be placed at the most suitable spots in the premises. It becomes easy to keep a tab on all activities. It can be said that this system is a digital eye that strengthens the level of safety. After installing such latest systems in the premises, you must take care of the maintenance part as well. The technical health of every machine and system must be checked on a periodic interval. There are a few tips that can keep your CCTV in excellent condition. You can also consult Dubai CCTV Company experts for further details.

★ Clean the camera lenses -
The lenses are the most crucial part of the system. The presence of dirt, water spots, debris can impede the natural view. Ask the technicians and other caretakers to clean the camera lenses in a gentle manner.

★ Confirmation of time-stamp -
The system must display the correct date and time in the recording. Even a minor power outage can disturb the entire record. For such systems to monitor the property in an impeccable manner, it is important that date and timings are correct in the digital setting.

★ Check condition of the wire and power supply -
The camera and supporting system must receive a proper power supply. Check all the wires are intact and any creature has not damaged the wiring.

★ Check the positioning of the camera -
The technical experts must ensure that the camera is facing in the correct direction. Sometimes, due to natural factors or human errors, the camera is not aligned in the correct manner. Set the position of the camera in such a manner that all angles are properly covered.

★ Hard drive and the DVR port -
The DVR port and the hard drives are crucial components of the CCTV surveillance systems. Do not allow dirt to get accumulated on the DVR port. Such factors can trigger the problem of overheating. Even the system can catch fire. While choosing the hard drives, go for such options that are specifically meant for CCTV systems. Ensure that sufficient digital space is present in the hard drives. Through the regular checks, you can enhance the life span of the hard drive. Ask experts to verify that the camera is collecting all the footage and working smoothly..

★ Don’t ignore corrosion -
Factors such as corrosion can cause problems like the short circuits. Ask the technical experts to check and confirm that the threat of corrosion is absent. Any component related to the CCTV security system is not corroded. If any component is damaged or corroded, just go for early replacement.

★ Arrangement of lightning -
The surveillance camera captures clear images and footage when the area is properly illuminated. If there is any interruption of any type, it will be a major security breach. Look for a SIRA approved CCTV company.

Consult the experts of the security industry Regulatory Authority installer for further details. All the components and sections of the CCTV system must be checked during maintenance. The presence of moisture,water, flying debris, and dust should not be taken lightly. Remove all these unwanted elements and take proper care of the surveillance system.