Access Control Options for Your Home or Business

Access Control Options for Your Home or Business

Your small business in the UAE was founded on your dreams, your hard work, and, more than certainly, your hard-earned income. It absolutely makes sense to protect all dimensions of your company, including the facility, the supplies, the customers, and the staff. Even if you currently have an alarm system in place, think about how a surveillance system could help you stay one step ahead of the game. They can give you peace of mind and security from theft or vandalism. To assist you in making the best decision for your safety and the safety of your business, hire the services of Security & Surveillance Company Dubai to get the best and latest access control system installed in earnest but before that read this blog to get some handy information about some of the most employed types of the access system.

Access control using cards and magnetic locks

To lock and seal doors, magnetic locks use magnets. With a card access control system, they can be unlocked. Many firms that want to restrict who enters the building employ these systems. The plastic cards used in this system resemble ordinary credit cards in terms of size and design. They may have metallic carvings or strips that, when swiped through the card reader attached, will cause the lock's magnets to work. They can also be fitted with RFID technology, which sends a signal to the card reader through a smart chip included in the card, via radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Key Fobs/Card Readers

The door, gate, or other portals can be unlocked using key fobs or card readers that work with tools that read the authorized codes encoded in them. Locks automatically disengage when a key fob or card is waved across a reader within a predetermined range. Key fobs and cards function identically. It's a personal preference which one you like.

Remote-controlled door locks

Your home or place of business can be remotely managed in a number of ways. Keeping your office door open to visitors just when you want them to can be one example. You can lock or unlock a door without ever leaving your chair. It provides comfort and privacy. Your smartphone or other smart technology, such as Amazon Alexa, can also be used to manage access to your home or place of business. You can remotely unlock the doors using the internet or a voice command. Once you've installed a smart hub, you'll have the convenience of being able to remotely unlock or lock your door, granting temporary access to guests or contractors as required.

Intercom and camera door systems

Accessibility to your home or place of business can be securely controlled with the help of IP intercom systems. There is a call button and a door release on the intercoms. They can also link to a network, a smartphone, or an IP camera. For added protection and control, they can also be integrated with a video management program or an IP door access control system.

Access control system audit trail

The majority of electronic access control systems are capable of tracking who accessed a door and when thanks to an audit trail feature. Tracking illegal entry attempts is the audit trails' primary purpose. Access cards can be configured so that they are only functional during specific hours; as a result, if a member of the staff tries to enter the facility outside of those times, they will be refused entry, and the software will flag that activity.

There are several access control systems, but we've covered a substantial number of them. Al Khoory can assist you and provide all the information you need if you're seeking top-notch surveillance solutions and video security systems like Hikvision CCTV Dubai at your place of business or residence. Get in touch with us on our website.