Important Information about SIRA Approved CCTV Systems

The authorities in Dubai are concerned about the safety and security of residents. The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) is established with the aim of providing highest class security with the help of sophisticated security devices and services. With the help of advanced technology and better techniques, SIRA is striving to improve the level of safety in Dubai. All the security companies, personnel and products are required to obtain SIRA certification for operating in Dubai. How to receive the SIRA approval in Dubai?

The approval of CCTV systems can be obtained by approaching the online portal of SIRA. The SIRA approved Security Service Providers are fully authorized to access the portal. You can be asked to upload all the necessary details along with the maintenance agreement. Once the documentation and installation is complete, SIRA can take an audit. Always consider installing SIRA approved CCTV systems for better security. During the audit, the auditors inspect whether or not the CCTV systems are installed as per rules. “PASS” certificate is awarded only if the systems are installed as per guidelines and rules. Once the inspection is complete, the report is uploaded on the portal, and the establishment license is valid for one year.

The specifications of the digital cameras

According to the guidelines of the SIRA, the digital cameras must be colored versions. The resolution should not be less than Full High-Definition 1080p. The cameras should be compatible to connect with standard security systems management software. The variable bit rate of the camera must be activated but the fixed bit rate should not be activated or used. Contact the noted SIRA CCTV Installer like the Al Khoory Solutions for guidance on technical aspects.

The security industry has become very dynamic. It is necessary to install the latest equipment, gadgets and devices to face the challenges. DAHUA CCTV Dubai supplier Al Khoory Solutions understands this aspect. Take your security very seriously and install the latest security solutions at both commercial as well as residential sites. Choose the best solutions for your security. The ability to watch live surveillance video footage certainly boosts the security factor. Anti-social elements do not dare to proceed with their plans when they note that security arrangements are foolproof. The experts at Al Khoory Solutions understand the technical requirements of all clients. With the help of experienced experts, you can get the right solution for your business. After installation, constant technical support is also required. It is now necessary to comply with all rules and even fines can be imposed if CCTV installation is not as per the guidelines of SIRA.