CCTV Camera Surveillance System Installation Tips For An Optimum Coverage and Cest Results

There were times when Dubai had CCTV surveillance cameras on very high-security buildings and installations. However, as the technology evolved and became more affordable, CCTV systems were found everywhere, from banks and over the checkout counters of retail establishments. However, now you can find them at gas stations, hotels, restaurants, traffic junctions, mini-storages, and practically every other company or location you can think.

CCTV security system cameras have been combined with developing technologies in Dubai. This goal is achieved under the guideline from the Security Industry Regulatory Agency – SIRA. It encourages combining technologies such as the internet, cloud computing, and even automation and using them together to expand their capabilities, improve their ease of use, and increase their efficiency. With the advancement of technology, CCTV cameras that were once solely used for security and surveillance are also used for marketing, traffic and behavioral studies, and human resources, such as obtaining visual evidence in workers' compensation claims and other innovative ways.

So, if you're considering using new surveillance camera technology to support your business, whether for security or other purposes, here are some things to think about before selecting CCTV Surveillance Technology and a SIRA Approved CCTV Company in Dubai.

CCTV Surveillance cameras should be placed suitably for the viewing of an area. Place the CCTV Surveillance cameras where they will be able to observe the space you plan to scan, similar to the point above. Installing cameras at the corners, for example, may result in blind spots and block the clear view.

Consider Lighting Conditions

Ensure the area under surveillance has sufficient lighting for the Indoor CCTV camera to pick up identifying details, such as facial features, especially for Lobby Area CCTV Indoor Camera and Corridor Area CCTV Indoor camera. You can install a night-vision and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) capable Surveillance CCTV camera considering your lighting conditions.

Provide Sufficient Coverage for Hidden Access Points

Burglars commonly break in through rear windows, back doors, and basement windows and doors. These regions should be visible from your CCTV cameras.

Cover Main Entries & Exits

Burglars frequently use the main entrance for access, so install a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) CCTV Surveillance camera to monitor that area and record mail or package incidents theft.

Use Purpose-Built CCTV Cameras Depending Upon Surveillance Requirements

Don't place high expectations on PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras. They offer the best results and accuracy, but they have many moving parts, have a small viewing area despite their ability to move, and function best with a dedicated security professional sitting at a desk watching video feeds and controlling cameras. Hence they have high maintenance and operating costs instead, use stationary, wide-angle cameras strategically placed to view a large area. You can use a PTZ camera with a wide-angle lens if you desire in particular situations with appropriate software to link the two video systems. So that if the wide-angle detects action in a quadrant you define, the PTZ will swivel and zoom to record the specific region for the amount of time you choose before returning to its standard view. In this approach, your program acts as your security officer, keeping an eye on everything and responding to situations as needed.

Protect and use Concealed Cable System

Cables that are easily accessible should not be left exposed since they can be severed. The wire will be hidden in conduit by a skilled CCTV security camera system installer in Dubai, concealing it or at the very least making it more difficult to reach.

Install Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Indoor CCTV cameras should not be placed outside. If you do this, your camera will be exposed to moisture, bugs, and other variables for which it was not designed, resulting in moisture, condensation, insect nests, and other issues, as well as diminished image quality, if you obtain any at all.

Wired CCTV Security Cameras

Do not install a wireless CCTV camera system unless you have a considerable budget, as a commercial grade of this type can be pretty expensive. After all, the goal of video surveillance is to increase security. While wireless technology has improved, it remains more "hackable" than a cable CCTV camera system.

Secure your equipment

To return to the previous point, if you're employing an IoT (Internet of Things)-connected camera system, be sure it's protected against outside hackers. Change your system's factory-set default passwords and use whatever security features it has. DDoS assaults have long been carried out using web-based webcams. Secure your CCTV system if you want it to serve you rather than malicious actors.

Consider Video Management System (VMS), Retrieval and Storage

CCTV cameras gather information. You'll need a location to deliver the data and a mechanism to get it appropriately stored for future retrieval. Consider whether the data be saved on a hard drive or in the cloud? Do you have enough storage space to save all of the information? How would you retrieve the data should a burglary happen, and you need to offer the Dubai police a video file. These are crucial elements to keep in mind as you plan your CCTV surveillance system.

Seek professional advice or services

Professional installers have spent their whole professional lives in the surveillance and security industry. You may be able to DIY a small system for your home or small business, and it may be sufficient. They are qualified specialists when installing a CCTV system as per approved standards for your house and business, especially for large enterprises. When it comes to medium-sized or large area surveillance systems, the installation needs an expert and technically sound team to offer top service that meets all the regulatory standards and fulfills your safety requirements. If you don't want to engage them to work their magic for you, you might at least rely on their experience and CCTV knowledge. When you consider your time and work, hiring a professional surveillance camera installer may save you money.

Only hire SIRA Approved Specialists from SIRA Approved CCTV companies in Dubai with Solid Experience in Security Systems Installation.

When searching to hire a CCTV company in Dubai, don't settle for the cheapest one. Opt for sound technical knowledge and skills; choose the best option. Your friend who installs security cameras as a side job might be more affordable, but he won't be able to assist you later if he moves, receives a promotion at his regular work, or finds another side job.

In general, if you're considering installing a video surveillance system for your company, do your research beforehand. Ask yourself why you believe you require cameras and provide a response. Make a list of what you want to get out of the system. What specifically do you want to see?

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