Important Aspects to consider while Installing the Latest CCTV System in Dubai

Security is a major concern for property owners. So, tech savvy people are turning towards options like CCTV. Just identify the areas that must be covered by modern surveillance systems. Pinpoint any such sections or specific areas where close attention is necessary. CCTV camera systems can monitor offices, shops, restaurants, banks, hospitals, clinics and any workplace. Constant surveillance is a need of the modern time. The capacity of the human mind to remain attentive is limited, but sophisticated surveillance systems do not have any limitation.

❖ The number of CCTV cameras-
It must be determined how many cameras are required for the property. If the area of the property is very big and there are multiple sections, then accordingly multiple cameras will be required. Yes, the expanse of the area and the nature of the requirement also have a role while selecting the number of cameras.

❖ Selecting the lens size of the camera-
The coverage depends on the lens size. Consult technical experts to learn about this aspect. Some cameras are designed for greater coverage but with less detailing. There are anti-vandal cameras that can be mounted at low heights. Technical experts can explain to you in detail about the features and capabilities of camera lenses.

❖ Lightning of the area-
Technology has made sufficient progress to find solutions for all problems. If poor lighting is a problem, consider installing a camera with IR illuminators. Many modern external CCTV camera systems currently available in the market have the feature of IR illuminators. Contact DAHUA CCTV Dubai supplier to learn more about technical aspects.

❖ Position of the camera-
In some cases, CCTV surveillance systems are installed to warn the trespasser. However, many property owners prefer installing clandestine cameras. Better angle and positioning helps to cover the entire area. Look for a SIRA approved CCTV service. By mounting the camera at the correct angles, it is possible to protect the fragile lenses from inclement weather conditions such as rain, hailstorm, etc.

❖ Placing the DVR/NVR-
The decision regarding DVR/NVR depends on the number of cameras present in the system. In case 5-8 cameras are attached with the system, then there will be a requirement of 8 Channel DVR. If there are just 1 to 4 cameras attached with the system, then a 4 channel DVR is suitable. When you are heartily spending the money, just choose systems capable of high-quality recording. Keep the recordings because they act as proof, legal evidence. The noted
UNV CCTV Dubai suppliers are familiar with the requirements of the customers.

❖ The power backup for CCTV Camera-
Electronic surveillance systems require constant supply of power. Just ensure that there is sufficient power backup. Sudden power cuts can cause a major disruption. So, keep a reliable power backup. Once the installation process is complete, test the performance of the system on a regular interval. Consult SIRA CCTV Installer like Al Khoory Solutions for further details.