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As new technologies are appearing, the construction firm, building contractors, real estate companies and others are happily embracing them. The demand for Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software has also gone up. It is being used in various high-end projects. The method in which designers work has transformed drastically. The integration of 3D graphics is doing wonders. The projects deliver a better output after incorporation of processes like BIM.

According to the technical experts, BIM Outsource company in Dubai is acting as a boon for the construction industry. Engineering, construction and various industries are passing through the stage of transformation and BIM technology is playing an instrumental role in project management. Consult with experts to learn more about this new process. Al Khoory Solutions collaborates with designers and architects on each step.

What makes BIM so special?

It is the BIM that provides relevant tools required for planning, designing, constructing and managing the buildings in a highly-efficient manner. By using advanced technology, the planners of the project get more time to focus on other important core activities. The trend of using intelligent models to build assets is attaining popularity. By integrating multidisciplinary, structured data, it becomes easy to produce a digital representation of an asset. BIM brings better visibility in the project that helps the planners to take effective decisions.

The procedure of BIM

The project planners easily accomplish the project with the creation of intelligent data. The information and data should be such that it can be easily used throughout the lifecycle of an infrastructure project. Planning, designing, building and operating are the procedures of BIM.

Key reasons behind immense popularity and widespread usage of BIM

  • The representation of the site can be done in a precise manner
  • Simulation tools can be used
  • Perfect platform for collaboration
  • Valuable effort and time is saved
  • Project managers get better control
  • Conflicts can be prevented
  • Easy to access (due to cloud applications)
  • Better coordination in the project
  • Flawless presentation

The professionals working in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry are relying on the BIM Models to augment their visualization. Undeniably, this technology brings design to life. It becomes easy for project managers to imagine how the finished projects will appear. Often, the owners, investors and stakeholders of the project check the status of the project through a visual presentation. It becomes easy to present the exact status of the project in a 3D environment. Take help from expert Revit Experts in Dubai and get help with the clash detection. The doubts must be cleared in the design stage. Otherwise, it might lead to hindrance in the construction process. The BIM technology ensures that there are no design conflicts.