Structure BIM Consultancy in Dubai - UAE


Structure BIM Consultancy in Dubai - UAE

BIM services have gained eminence in the building world or construction industry. It is the consists of designing infrastructure or buildings through upgraded or state-of-the-art technology. It has become extremely important for the owners, engineers, architects, designers, and various stakeholders to communicate well during the construction phase of any infrastructure or building site.

BIM engineers make it easy for every individual and various stakeholders to make an informed decision and work on any development made by various individuals during the span of the entire project.

In other words, it can be discerned that BIM services make things very easy and precise by providing content-rich infrastructure modeling. This helps save the cost expected for infrastructure building and also in the process of BIM Construction.

A BIM consulting firm does exactly the same whilst increasing ROI and reducing unnecessary expenses and overheads. The capability of a BIM consultancy enterprise is that it can integrate all the aspects of the digital modeling of construction and manifest them into a real-world scenario. This is what makes Building Information Modeling the future of building and construction segment.

There are various services that can be expected to perform by a BIM Consulting Firm:

  • BIM planning and execution
  • Project Designing and Integration
  • Clash Detection and Prohibition
  • Clash Detection and Project resolution
  • Infrastructure visualization and simulation with a 3D model
  • Service Coordination
  • Expenses detailing and Cost reduction
  • Project Auditing
  • Content Creation

Al-Khoory solutions group is regarded as one of the top BIM service providers for all your security and construction planning needs. We are regarded as the best BIM company in UAE while our team consists of highly trained members and we are a SIRA-approved consultancy firm consisting of highly trained members that are part of our SIRA certified consultancy firm.