Shop Drawing Services in Saudi Arabia


Shop Drawing Services in Saudi Arabia

Shop Drawing Services

Shop & Fabrication Drawing Services

The Al Khoory Group is a leading provider of BIM and CAD services, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality Shop Drawing Services in Saudi Arabia. Following the norms of the sector, we tailor our services to the requirements and preferences of our customers. Our experienced team of engineers, detailers, draftsmen, and software technicians can produce a set of shop drawings that are highly precise and accurate while also embracing the most recent technology.

Our team's Shop Drawing Services in Saudi Arabia are helpful to architects, contractors, subcontractors, fabricators, manufacturers, suppliers, owners, and developers at various stages of the project. Because of our considerable experience working on residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, government, and infrastructure projects, we are a one-stop shop & fabrication drawing solution. We have offered BIM services for projects of varying complexity and size for clients worldwide.

  • Structural Shop Drawings
  • Architectural Shop Drawings
  • Facade Shop Drawings
  • MEP & HVAC Shop Drawings

Shop drawings are essential components of every construction project, depicting sizes, measurements, assembly, material specifications, and other fabrication specifics. Our skilled team guarantees that the shop drawings are dependable and consistent with the design concept. Our shop drawings help the project team in the following ways:

  • It allows for straightforward communication and quick access to information for all stakeholders, including architects, MEP designers, and fabricators.
  • It aids in verifying and validating design and requirements by the design team.
  • It gives fabricators the information they need to assemble and fabricate the components.
  • It assists manufacturers in gaining a thorough understanding of the materials and instructions required to produce the various pieces.
  • It aids general contractors and erectors by providing guidelines for erecting the components effectively and safely on-site.
  • It drastically shortens your project's delivery deadlines and maximizes profits by avoiding fabrication reworks and budget overruns.

Architectural Shop Drawings

These drawings are essential for general contractors, interior contractors, millwork fabricators, and civil contractors to ensure accurate fabrication and construction projects, as they contain precise information on component size, orientation, shape, location, and assembly, among other essential details.

Our Architectural Shop Drawing Services:

  • Architectural shop drawings
  • Interior shop drawings
  • Masonry shop drawing
  • Millwork shop drawings
  • Modular shop drawings
  • Structural Shop Drawings

Shop Drawing Services in Saudi Arabia are vital to the construction phase of a project; structural shop drawings include elevations, structural layouts, sections, and details of various structural systems. We provide shop drawings for the precise fabrication of precast, reinforcing bars, and steel components.

Our Structural Shop Drawings Services:

  • Coordinated structural shop drawings
  • Modular shop drawings
  • Precast shop drawings
  • Rebar shop drawings
  • Steel fabrication drawing

MEP Shop Drawings

These shop drawings help ensure collaboration and conflict resolution before the whole building is on-site. They assist various parties throughout all project phases by providing thorough information for producing and installing corresponding components and making well-informed decisions concerning various problems.

Our MEP Shop Drawing Services:

  • Builders work drawings
  • Duct shop drawings
  • Electrical shop drawings
  • Hanger layout drawings
  • Mechanical pipe shop drawings
  • Medical gas shop drawings
  • Plumbing shop drawings
  • Process pipe shop drawings

Facade Shop Drawings

The geometry, location, connections, and design details of various building exterior components are all represented on the facade shop drawings that are created for the project. Shop Drawing Services in Saudi Arabia provides guidelines for the precise fabrication, assembly, and erection of a variety of facade systems is the primary objective of the facade shop drawings.

Our Facade Shop Drawings services:

  • Curtain wall shop drawings
  • Door & Window shop drawings
  • Glass entrance shop drawings
  • Glass shop drawings
  • Glazing shop drawings
  • Handrail shop drawings
  • Storefront shop drawings