Revit Family Creation


Revit Family Creation

Revit families are basically libraries of 3D Revit model templates of different entities like doors, windows, furniture, etc, and are a crucial component of 3D BIM modeling. At Al Khoory Solutions we provide customized Revit Family creation services in UAE for product designers as well as structural and architectural companies.

BIM objects provide detailed information about a product regarding its physical characteristics including geometry and visual graphical representation. It simulates the real-world behavior and specifications like the product itself making it ready to be used in the BIM model of the project.

Our firm provides standard as well as customized architectural library creation services for manufacturers, architects, and engineers for their product model catalogs, which can be downloaded by their customers from their websites. Our expertise and extensive experience in BIM, enable us to provide a plethora of dynamic family creation services for architectural and structural building components.

The BIM families can be used in multiple projects as required and can be modified whenever needed depending on the project requirements. Our Revit Creation Services include Architectural Revit Family Creation, Structural Revit Family Creation, Electrical Revit Family Creation, and Mechanical Revit Family Creation.