Point Cloud BIM Modelling Services


Point Cloud BIM Modelling Services in Saudi Arabia

What is Point Cloud BIM modelling services?

Al khoory Group serves the needs of designers, site supervisors, robotic vendors, and general construction firms in the building industry as a point Cloud BIM modelling services supplier in Saudi Arabia, with over 12 years of expertise. The built-in building data, which contains but is not extended to rafters, pillars, floors, roofs, partitions, radiators, and conduits, will be included in the sophisticated as-built model that is produced. This makes it easier for our clients to assess a building's current state in preparation for rehabilitation or demolition. A point cloud is a collection of pieces of data in a 3D reference system that represents the geometry and colour of an object or structure's outside surface. Point cloud data is measured using 3D scanners as a collection of vector coordinates, which are subsequently transformed into precise parametric REVIT models. Once the point data has been downloaded into Revit, designers can quickly construct a 3D model using the point cloud as a basis by tracing around it with our Revit family. There is no need for additional site inspections because the 3D printed data preserves every single detail.
After receiving the point cloud data, we export it onto a CAD or BIM platform to produce an exact As-Built Data Management Model that shows the building's pipes, sidewalls, foundations, planes of the roofing, topography, and greenery.
Traditional products like 2D drawings, altitudes, and segments can be simply removed once the points cloud data has been separated and transferred to a BIM application.Professionals on our team have the necessary training and experience for this technique. We use the Revit Families that the clients provide and adjust to their particular criteria.