Mechanical BIM Modelling services in Dubai - UAE


Mechanical BIM Modelling services in Dubai – UAE

Al Khoory Solutions provides the best mechanical BIM services that can convert detailed HVAC designs into three-dimensional mechanical models. Our experts provide LOD in various ranges as per the requirement of the project. From initial schematic mechanical design to the final stage, we are present at each step.

Our mechanical BIM Modeling services in Dubai - UAE also helps with:
  • Mechanical system modeling
  • Mechanical and HVAC component drafting
  • Mechanical system modeling
  • Mechanical equipment scheduling
  • Mechanical system clash detection
  • Mechanical system coordination
  • Mechanical shop drawing
  • Mechanical fabrication drawings

We always follow the necessary industry standards and help the client to make full use of the information. Our team helps mechanical consultants, HVAC contractors, design firms, manufacturers, construction firms. We are known for providing outstanding mechanical BIM modeling services in Dubai - UAE. Builders, general contractors, engineers and architects also benefit from our services. So far, we have successfully accomplished many projects.

Our talented team makes use of the latest technology to expedite the construction process. Moreover, it becomes easy to minimize wastage of resources and reduce cost overrun. You can expect us to deliver an integrated BIM model that contains all elements or even a standalone BIM model. The use of the latest technology and practices help to attain project goals without missing the deadline. Al Khoory Solutions has sufficient experience of working on numerous projects. We are known for providing innovative solutions that benefit our clients who belong to various sectors. Call us to learn more about mechanical BIM Modeling services.