Landscape BIM Modelling Services in Dubai


Landscape BIM Modelling Services in Dubai

We use Landscape BIM Modelling Services in Dubai to transition from creating 2D drawings of landscapes to developing and coordinating data within a digital landscape model. It enables the creation of more aesthetically pleasing landscape designs that appeal directly to the end client while also reducing rework, saving time and money.

Using a data-driven approach, our landscape modeling adds a new dimension to Building Information Modeling (BIM), assisting professionals in designing nature-based solutions for greener cities. To improve people's well-being in cities, we revolutionize how we create urban landscapes by measuring their impact on air quality, storage water management, soil condition, and plant growth.

We use Landscape architecture software such as ArchiCAD, Vectorworks Landmark, SketchUp, Rhino, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and others for 3D modeling in landscape architecture. Our Landscape architects use Revit Modeling Services to analyze terrains, calculate basic costs, and conduct sun shading analyses, among other things. However, the software used for any project is primarily determined by the project's size, scope, and level of detail and is mainly at the designer's discretion.

Benefits of Landscape BIM Modelling Information-rich models

Our BIM models are data-rich, containing all relevant information about any given component. For example, a tree in a BIM Model would have all the parameters required to install the tree, such as its scientific name, condition, and root size. With all of the data, our designer can make quick decisions. This information can also be used during the construction phase for accurate cost estimates and scheduling, material procurement, and reduced onsite errors and changes. Building Information Modeling allows for a more coordinated construction and delivery process.

Improves Coordination:

Our landscape architects collaborate with our architects, civil engineers, and designers in an open, transparent, and collaborative workflow that allows everyone to see and contribute to the design. Our 3D models also make it simple to promptly store and distribute large data files to anyone. It also allows for the extraction of precise 2D drawings that onsite workers can use to implement the final design effectively. As a result, with BIM, everyone involved is on the same page from the top to the bottom.

3D Rendering

When it comes to creating something pleasing to the eye, 3D rendering is crucial. Landscape Renderings allow you to visualize how the finished project will look and blend in with its surroundings. Color variation, size changes, and texture manipulation can be done in 3D Rendering to create a photorealistic image that accurately conveys the architect's vision. When 3D BIM is combined with rendering capabilities, the landscape becomes much more appealing. Rendering is also helpful for marketing, obtaining permits, and obtaining financial approval.