Fire Fighting BIM Modelling Services in Dubai - UAE


Fire Fighting BIM Modelling Services in Dubai – UAE

Al khoory Solutions, with the help of its Fire Fighting BIM Modelling Services in Dubai – UAE, has won the trust and confidence of its clients. Alkhoory Solutions experts are exceptionally skilled and known for addressing fire protection needs successfully and efficiently. Our professional engineering team assists our clients in upgrading the building model by incorporating all major life safety systems in BIM. We specialize in fire system BIM modeling, firefighting design, validation, and building drawings, and we have also established ourselves as a significant provider of MEP BIM modeling and coordinating services.

Our BIM experts' models are subjected to frequent quality checks to ensure compliance with local fire system codes, design discrepancies, coordination issues, and constructability. We supply drawings that require error-free and speedy installation and include all critical elements concerning fire sprinkler systems, such as sprinkler valves, heads, calculation plates, gauges, branch lines, and mains. Our technical team provides BIM modeling services for fire systems and the construction of an automated system for the generation of riser diagrams and the administration of fire protection systems. Finally, the design is validated in compliance with applicable local and international standards.

We utilize all popular software tools, such as AutoCAD, Navisworks, and Autodesk Fabrication. Our team adheres to NFPA standard 13 when installing sprinkler systems, NFPA 14 when installing hose systems and standpipes, NFPA 20 when installing stationary pumps for fire protection, NFPA 17 when installing dry chemical extinguishing systems, and NFPA 22 when installing water tanks for private fire protection.