Electrical BIM Modelling services in Dubai - UAE


Electrical BIM Modelling services in Dubai – UAE

Alkhoory Solutions have qualified experts to create the electrical model of all the conduits, cable tray layouts, lighting fixtures & fire alarm locations from the design documents & cut sheets.

We provide end-to-end Electrical BIM Modelling services in Dubai - UAE, with the help of our team of BIM professionals. Conduits, electrical equipment, lighting fixtures, cable trays, communication and data transmission devices, fire alarm systems, and network routing are just a few things we can represent. We ensure that the coordinated model is free of confrontation with other linked members such as the plumbing and HVAC systems, structural members, and architectural elements. We can create essential construction documents using real-time data from our BIM models like power and lighting wire layouts, material lists, and panel schedules.

We are experts in the following BIM services:
  • Conduits and cable trays are modeled according to the layout.
  • Creating a model of the fire alarm system
  • Data, power, and communication system modeling
  • Drawings for power and lighting circuits
  • Electrical Room Simulation
  • Modeling of Electrical Lighting Fixtures
  • Panel and circuit board scheduling
  • The electrical equipment's BOQ
  • Walkthrough design electrical BIM modeling

Benefits of Electrical BIM Modelling services in Dubai - UAE

Electrical BIM design for construction has various benefits for all stakeholders in the field, including clients, contractors, and consultants. Electrical BIM modeling services enable electrical contractors to take advantage of prefabrication options. Implementing BIM principles for an electrical contracting project helps to improve on-site safety, which helps avoid accidents and reduce risk during construction. Other advantages include:

  • Assist in the preparation of safety plans
  • Assists in construction cost management and lowers future maintenance costs
  • Assists in material control and waste reduction.
  • Assists in reducing inaccuracies during electrical installation
  • Assists the facilities management staff in gaining better control.
  • Assists with amount estimation.
  • Assists with field coordination for electrical services such as bus bars, conduits, and cable trays.
  • Assists with productivity and communication
  • Participate in the prefabrication process.