Digital Twin & BIM


Digital Twin & BIM

Smarter and efficient buildings require sophisticated solutions

The digital replica of building, assembling, physical structures, systems and devices are known as digital twins. In modern building projects, the Comprehensive digital twins are used for stimulating coordinated functionality. Such technologies allow us to get valuable insights and put the construction team in an advantageous condition. For digital twin & BIM solutions, you can rely on Al Khoory Solutions.

We use the latest virtual technologies, augmented reality, BIM Modeling and 3D graphics. Our team provides the perfect digital twin & BIM solutions. The use of smart components and sensors in physical structure or objects allows collection of comprehensive real-time data. The use of innovative technology also helps in the maximization of space. It is not wrong to say that technologies such as digital twins and BIM simplify the process of building construction.

We understand that such technologies have immense applications in various spheres such as retail, manufacturing, construction, engineering and the retail industry. The digital data of a building can be represented effectively with the help of the latest emerging technology. As it provides better visualization and reduces the probability of error, such technologies become a boon for the construction industry.

Use of digital twin and BIM solutions:
  • BIM keeps design-build on time and within the budget
  • Digital twin technology allows us to develop sophisticated, well-designed buildings

Feel free to contact Al Khoory Solutions to get smarter solutions. Advanced technology such as digital twins and BIM are the key to managing them. We have experts who can guide you so that resources can be optimized effectively.