Cobie Services in Saudi Arabia


Cobie Services in Saudi Arabia

There are numerous participants and countless interactions between parties in every building project. The projects are multidisciplinary and contain material that is not required for everyone participating. So, in each project, who is in charge of what? Where does your responsibility begin and where does mine end? BIM aids in putting this process' complexity in order.

"The foundation of all construction is smooth cooperation."

Everything we do is aimed at making things better. A construction project's life cycle can be shortened by improving working practices and bringing all stakeholders to a single table at once. At Alkhoory Group, as the leading Cobie Services in Saudi Arabia, we have a specialized team of BIM experts that understand the nitty-gritty of effective implementation of BIM. When developing or implementing the BIM Execution Plan, we collaborate with the client's goals and provide crucial data-driven expertise and strategy. To bridge the gap between objectives and established practices, we first identify organizational BIM goals. Then, we develop/formulate the needed strategy and procedures in accordance with established practices and industry standards.

We assist you in utilizing data modeling so you may plan or develop your construction project more successfully. We will ascertain the specifications that must be put in place for data modeling in order for it to be useful for your project. We also make sure that all parties work together effectively.

We can work efficiently in real-time with other AEC experts and role-players from pre-construction through the project delivery process to handover thanks to our experience, skills, and the tools we employ.