Protect your CCTV camera from the threat of hacking

These days almost all the commercial organizations are upgrading their security arrangements. CCTV surveillance adds an extra layer of security, but loopholes are always present. There are many people who have malicious intent, and they are a threat to commercial as well as residential property. Hence, it is necessary to protect the CCTV surveillance system away from the threat of hackers. The dangerous and smart hackers always look for loopholes so that they can exploit the same for their profit.

It is possible to integrate CCTV systems with the Internet, and the users can easily monitor the activities of their properties from a distant location. If you are searching for a UNV CCTV in Dubai, approach reliable sources like Al Khoory Solutions. The security cameras can be connected with devices like laptops, PCs and mobile phones. The smart and cunning hackers know how to breach the security barriers. So, the organizations must pay additional attention and reduce the threat of hacking. The following tips can play an instrumental role to protect your CCTV surveillance systems from the threat of hackers:

❖ Purchase the entire system from a reliable source -

Always purchase the camera sets and other paraphernalia from a reliable source. Do not go after poor-quality and cheap hardware. Purchase security products of a reliable brand. Inferior quality products can easily become vulnerable to hackers because they do not have extensive security features. Consult with the experts to learn about technical challenges to prevent unfortunate incidents.

❖ Secure your Wi-Fi access -

Almost all the commercial organizations use wifi to establish connection with the surveillance camera. In order to boost the security, update the Internet modems and routers. As passwords are the first line of defense that prevents unauthorized access to networks, it is necessary to have strong and unique passwords. Only a few selected devices should be allowed to establish the connection with the Wi-Fi. Change the password every three months. Use a lengthy password with special characters. Do not keep an easy password that a hacker can guess easily.

❖ Go for software updates -

Regularly update your system and softwareIt is possible to keep hackers at bay by going for regular updates. As the capacity of the CCTV surveillance systems is improving, the hackers are also finding new methods to play their malicious game.

❖ Check the warranty period of the devices -

You must check the warranty period of the NVR and DVR. It is better to choose the latest versions of the devices from the security point of view. Place your devices at a suitable location so that the anti-social elements and kids cannot tamper with the electronic components. Take help from the experienced technicians, and they will also guide you to identify potent risks.

Discuss your problems and concerns with the Hikvision CCTV Dubai suppliers. Many new models of CCTV surveillance cameras have stepped into the market, and some of them carry strong security features. So, choose the surveillance system that has special security features.