BIM360 Design Collaboration in Saudi Arabia


BIM360 Design Collaboration in Saudi Arabia

For Revit projects, BIM 360 Design is a real-time cloud work sharing, design collaboration, and data management tool. It makes it possible for project parties from inside one organization or from different companies to collaborate on Revit models in real-time.

BIM 360 Design is a component of Autodesk's wider BIM project platform, Autodesk BIM 360, which offers tools that cover every stage of a project's lifetime, from conceptualization to discipline-specific design to construction and maintenance. All project data is stored and accessed in a single platform, and all project participants are connected via a single solution, which forms the basis of the BIM 360 concept.

Autodesk's BIM 360 Design platform broadens the options for assembling design teams for Revit projects by removing geographic and timezone restrictions. It offers a working environment where all stakeholders can access the project at any time.

Our BIM360 Design Collaboration in Saudi Arabia significantly increases the capacity of multi-firm project teams to satisfy the requirements of a modern building project. Each project has its own unique set of obstacles to overcome and team dynamics to navigate in order to complete it on schedule and under budget.

Based on this variation, Design Collaboration enables teams to pick how they work with other teams. At certain times, they must always be in sync, while at other times, they must manage the information flow between them.