As Built Drawing Services in Dubai


As Built Drawing Services in Dubai

An as-built drawing is a modified drawing, which is formed and submitted by a contractor. It is submitted after the accomplishment of the construction project and contains necessary modifications in the initial sketches. Al Khoory Solutions provides as built drawing services in Dubai. We work in a professional way and carry out necessary surveys of construction projects and existing properties.

Our as-built drawing sketches can be used for future planning and maintenance. Al Khoory Solutions also helps in the design and development of projects from the very beginning. The advantages of using our as built drawing services in Dubai are as follows:

  • Clear record of modifications adjusted in the final stage of the project
  • Easy visualization of the next step
  • Easy identification of complexities and challenges
  • Identification of possible solutions
  • Helpful for the future buyers of the property
  • Use of the latest tools, software and other technologies

Al Khoory Solutions serves clients such as property owners and contractors. In the long run, these drawings serve as necessary records and also provide valuable support. It is important to keep technical records and blueprint of all types of buildings. We also provide significant insight to aspects such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, architectural and structural disciplines.

We have a specialist team that provides as built drawing services in Dubai. We provide support to many engineering plants and other companies with their precise construction plans, scheming of measurement. Our experts can also analyze projects and deliver detailed and precise drawings of any ongoing project. It is important to ensure that the projects are being handled as per industry standards. All the elements are properly categorized in the drawing specification. All important elements such as name, size, orientation, material, function, shape and elevation are properly mentioned. We help clients to comply with all necessary industry standards.