Cobie services in Dubai - UAE


Cobie services in Dubai – UAE

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange, or COBie Services, is a data exchange standard used in construction projects to collect information on the construction materials and equipment used throughout the project lifecycle. The facilities manager stores this digital information during the operation and maintenance of 7D BIM projects.

COBie is a spreadsheet that stores digital information on a building's materials and equipment after completion. Initially, it was created to aid owner-operators in the construction process, but it can now be used in other spreadsheet applications such as Excel, Google Docs, and others. Construction professionals can collaborate to create this document, updated as the project progresses, and then delivered to the client.

We assist Owners, Facilities Managers, and Contractors in delivering COBie datasheets for their building assets using our BIM and COBie Services expertise. We help our clients capture and document critical information about their investments, such as location, contacts, part lists, warranties, maintenance schedules, and equipment lists, among other things. COBie data is captured, structured, and documented by our experts to be used for facility management. We can also help companies with COBie data importation into facility management software like IBM Maximo Manage, FM Systems, etc.