CAD Outsourcing Company in Dubai - UAE


CAD Outsourcing Company in Dubai – UAE

Looking for the best CAD outsourcing solutions?

Al Khoory Solutions is committed to meet your CAD outsourcing needs. Our CAD outsourcing team has years of experience in handling complex projects, and we always manage to deliver impressive results. Our CAD outsourcing solutions are very effective, and they provide cost advantage. You can count on us for the best CAD solutions.

  • Architecture - Drawing components that can be used in architecture and other similar disciplines.
  • MEP - Drawing components that can be used in the sub-disciplines of plumbing, mechanical and electrical needs.
  • Structure - Drawing components that are required in structural disciplines such as steel detailing service.
  • As-built - Helping with surveying, creating CAD drawings that can be used for record keeping. Such drawings are also submitted to authorities.

Al Khoory Solutions deliver the best CAD shop drawings as well as as-built drawings. Our experts are capable of identifying and resolving the multi-disciplinary complexities. We also do necessary re-engineering whenever it is necessary to improve the functionality of the overall design. Our experts easily detect any error and optimize shortcomings.

Our clients are from the following categories:
  • Project managers
  • Design consultants
  • Contractors
  • Sub-contractors

Look no further than us while searching for CAD outsourcing company in Dubai - UAE. Unlike other companies, our experts are present to help at each and every step. Feel free to contact us, and our experts will extend the best solutions. After hiring the best service, your investment will prove worthwhile.