BIM Project Management Consultants in Dubai - UAE


BIM Project Management Consultants in Dubai – UAE

Alkhoory Solutions BIM Project Management Consultants in Dubai – UAE, offer beneficial services to architects, civil engineers, and MEPF professionals, but it is also practical on-site as BIM Project Management Consultancy. The BIM process is a project management tool that integrates all trades into reality. At Virtual Building Studio, we work closely with main contractors to ensure that all subcontractors are also a part of the process where they can get BIM advantage in their area of work.

Implementing on-site BIM can be advantageous during the execution phase as BIM data from the model can be pushed to on-site devices to maximize accuracy. Additionally, the on-site BIM team can help optimize many aspects of construction. On-site BIM management can also manage substantial quantities, bar bending schedules, procurement cost management, and other benefits.

  • Architecture
  • Electrical
  • Fire
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Structure
Our BIM team assists PMC companies in Delivering the Following Services
  • Exterior and interior views in virtual 3D model
  • Fabrication using digital technology
  • Laser animation, walkthroughs, and rendering of three-dimensional models in three dimensions.
  • Project-related data such as material specifications, material quantities, project schedules, costs, etc.
Our PMC's comprehensive BIM consulting services include the following:
  • To determine BIM readiness, examine design processes, resources, technology, and standards. Strategy and Roadmap
  • Training, user support, and mentoring are all part of the implementation process.
On-site BIM Professional Particulars:
  • Ensure proper BIM implementation by deploying a BIM professional from Virtual Building Studio on-site.
  • Provide a high-end workstation as well as the necessary software tools.
On-site BIM Professional Roles:
  • Assist all subcontractors in increasing their efficiency by using BIM output.
  • Assist Architecture with 3D coordination of various disciplines.
  • Daily project tracking and monthly construction progress report generation.
  • Ensure that the BIM Model is being used effectively on site.
  • Incorporate on-site changes to ensure that as-built models are preserved.