BIM Level of Development (LOD)


BIM Level of Development (LOD)

The term BIM level of development (LOD) refers to an industry standard that clearly defines how the three-dimensional geometry of the building models can be adjusted to achieve various levels of refinement. The level of desired service can also be determined with its help. There are different usage of these development models. They can be used in various stages of designing, scheduling, 3D visualization, making necessary estimates, fabrication and for on-site production control.

Al Khoory Solutions makes use of the BIM level of development (LOD) as a guide and can create a 3D model of your project. We offer BIM Models in various levels of detail. Engineers, contractors, architects, and the construction firms are clients of Al Khoory Solutions. So far, we have successfully accomplished various projects.

We use LOD services to help our clients to seamlessly use the BIM model as a tool. In the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry, such services carry a high value. The specification is used as a reference by the practitioners at various design stages and in the construction process. We have a team of competent BIM engineers who closely work with the clients and determine the BIM level of development (LOD) required for their project. At Al Khoory Solutions, we have adopted the internationally accepted standards.

  • BIM level of development
  • LOD 100 - Conceptual designs
  • LOD 200 - Schematic Designing
  • LOD 300 - Detailed designing
  • LOD 350 - Construction documentation
  • LOD 400 - Coordination and fabrication
  • LOD 500 - As-built model

Feel free to contact the team of Al Khoory and share your actual requirements with us. We also deliver animated presentations for LOD so that an idea can be delivered - How and what structure will be constructed.