BIM Clash Detection & Coordination Services


BIM clash detection & coordination services

There are many factors that led to construction delays. With the help of modern technology, the problem of cost overrun and the lack of coordination can be avoided. At Al Khoory Solutions, we also provide BIM clash detection & coordination services.

Why is it important to learn about clash detection?

Modern buildings are made through advanced technologies, but this brings a new set of challenges. As more and more new ranges of elements are integrated, the level of complexity goes up. Different aspects such as structural elements, architectural elements might clash with each other. There is always a possibility that all the aforementioned elements are present in the 3D space, crossing each other’s path. When such clashes appear during the construction phase, delays are likely to happen.

Contact Al Khoory Solutions for BIM clash detection & coordination services. We utilize 3D Multi-Disciplinary models and other tools to identify the clashes between different types of elements. By creating a timely report, it is possible to identify the challenges and resolve the clashes. Such steps ensure smooth operation on the construction site.

We are very clear on attaining customer satisfaction. With the help and guidance of our experts, the volume of change orders during the construction phase can be reduced. Our BIM coordinators coordinate with structural engineers, architects, MEP contractors and come up with better clash resolutions.

The benefits of using our BIM clash detection & coordination services are as follows:
  • Improvement in project planning
  • Budget overrun can be avoided
  • Material wastage can be avoided

Feel free to contact us and learn more about the working system in BIM clash detection. The new generation technology enables us to fix issues as soon as they are discovered.