BIM360 Design Collaboration in Dubai


BIM360 Design Collaboration in Dubai

The ability of multi-firm project teams to meet the demands of a modern construction project is dramatically improved by our BIM 360 Design Collaboration in Dubai. Each project has its own set of challenges and dynamics among the teams tasked with completing it on time and on budget.

Design Collaboration allows teams to choose how they collaborate with other teams based on this diversity. They must be in constant sync at times, and they must also control the flow of information between them at other times.

Design Collaboration also provides a critical common view of the project, with constant development of the project BIMs spanning multiple teams in different parts of the world. Changes could be missed and time wasted if you don't have this perspective.

Collaboration Workflows
Individual project teams can work in their own space with enhanced permissions in BIM 360, allowing them to collaborate while maintaining complete control over how other project teams see the status of their work. Design Collaboration offers an experience that is tailored to the way teams think about project data:

  • A project timeline depicts the exchange of deliverables between teams in a visual format.
  • An up-to-date and automated viewing experience allows the team members to understand the current state of the BIM and how it has changed over time.
  • A well-managed data exchange process between teams allows sharing teams to curate the most relevant information for their most recent efforts, and consuming teams to understand those updates in a visual and actionable way. There will be no more "collaboration" when models are uploaded to a shared folder.
  • You can compare the latest and previous versions of the design as you look through the data that has been shared between teams to see what has changed in the design.